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In Chandu Menon wrote Indulekha, the first outstanding novel in Malayalam, for which he received a certificate from Queen Victoria. However, in feudal Kerala, though only the Nambudiris received an education in Vedasother castes as well as women were open to receive education in Sanskritmathematics and astronomyin contrast to other parts of India.

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Papers relating to Kerala State Land Policy. In the eastern part of the state, Anai Peak 8, feet [2, metres]the highest peak of peninsular Indiacrowns the Western Ghats.

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Record of Rights Act, During his reign, the Portuguese managed to dominate relations with Kochi and established a few fortresses on the Malabar Coast. Press Trust of India Wednesday September 26,Kochi The Kerala High Court has allowed a lesbian couple to live together, in a significant verdict that came weeks after the Supreme Court decriminalised homosexuality.

Marthanda Varma ascended the Venad throne in and crushed Dutch expansionist designs at the Battle of Kolachel 12 years later. The government continued to press the issue, aiming for "total literacy," usually defined as about 95 per cent of the people being able to read and write.

The legend was later expanded, and found literary expression in the 17th or 18th century with Keralolpathiwhich traces the origin of aspects of early Kerala society, such as land tenure and administration, to the story of Parasurama.

Kerala Stay of Eviction Proceedings Act, and In the 16th century the Portuguese superseded the Arab traders and dominated the commerce of the Malabar Coast. More than 1, miles 1, km of inland waterways form the main arteries for carrying bulk freight to and from the ports.

This level of learning by non-Brahmin learning was not seen in other parts of India. In addition, Portuguese invasions in the 15th century caused two major religion Buddhism and Jainism to disappear from the land.

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Both are worth to do. Also living in Kerala is a significant minority of Tamilsa neighbouring people of Dravidian ancestry.


Marthanda Varma then adopted a European mode of martial discipline and expanded the Venad domain to encompass what became the southern state of Travancore. People Population composition The Malayalis are a group of people of mixed ethnic heritage who speak Malayalama Dravidian language ; they constitute the majority of the population of Kerala.

However, Portuguese attacks on Arab properties in his jurisdiction provoked the Zamorin and led to conflicts between them. The Kochi ruler sued for peace with Anizham Thirunal and Malabar came under direct British rule until India became independent. However, they will cater to your needs if you would like non veg during any of your meals.

A comprehensive health insurance plan is available for workers in a number of professions, and free medical treatment is offered in many hospitals, health centres, and dispensaries. Several thermal plants supply additional energy, and in the late 20th century the state began to establish wind farms.

The most reliable theory is that the name is originated from the phrase chera alam Land of the Chera. Rajith Mohan At the local level, the state is divided into districts, which in turn are subdivided for revenue purposes into talukas subdivisions and villages.

The Kerala government today decided to take the crowd funding route to rebuild the state in the aftermath of the deluge which wreaked havoc last month. Kerala Tourism official website provides text, photos, video, on travel destinations, hotels, accommodation, culture, heritage, art forms and people of God's own Country.

KeralaCafe has information on Kerala, Kerala Chat, Kerala Tourism, Kerala Maps, Kerala History and Kerala facts and figures. Site also contains over Kerala pictures, Malayalam Videos, Malayalam Music & Malayalam nformation on ayurveda and meditation.

#FUTURE Global Connect is a series of Global Networking sessions organized by High Power IT committee of Govt of Kerala. Global Connect is organised as part of a multi-pronged strategy, involving the Government and the Kerala diaspora in the technology sector to make Kerala a.

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The Ministry of Tourism is running a scheme under which National Tourism Awards are given to Travel Agents and Tour Operators including best Adventure Tour Operator, best Domestic Tour Operator, most Innovative Tour Operator,Best Mice Operator, Tourist Transport Operator, best Hotels in the different categories, Outstanding performers in Publishing, etc.

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Health tourism in kerala
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